Naturally, the condition and actions of the pilot are key factors in a safe flight. In this blog post, We share 6 crucial tips to conduct a safe flight for pilots.

1.        Be careful on pre-flight inspections

Pre-flight inspections are essential to ensuring the safety of the aircraft and should never be omitted or carried out in hurry. The pilots need to be precise and specific. If there are any doubts, make sure they are cleared up, even if it means delaying your departure.


2.   Keep Up Your Proficiency

Your pilot’s licence currency doesn’t mean that you are proficient. You should practice as often as possible. Follow aviation publications, brush up your theory knowledge, read case studies to keep yourself proficient. Don’t forget Learning never ends for pilots.


3.        Prepare for emergency situations

Emergency situations in aviation can happen at any time. You should get prepared for emergencies by studying checklists or flying simulator.


4.        Don’t be shy to ask help

It doesn’t matter if you are a private pilot, first officer or captain. nobody knows everything. You should ask help when you need to assess a situation.



5.        Maintain your Mental health and stress level

A pilot should maintain not only his physical health, but also his mental health properly. The stress level and mental health of the pilot play a large role in many aircraft accidents.


6.        Use a flight risk assessment tool

Flight risk assessment tool helps pilots to identify possible risks before a flight. And Pilots are able to take mitigation actions in advance with the tool.

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