Flight & Weather Data

In the first step of flight risk assessment, Safevix gets weather data automatically from departure - arrival airport (Metar, Taf, Sigmet, Airmet, Radar Data) and simple flight data. This step takes just 15 second to complete.


Pilot Questionnaire

In the second step of Flight Risk Assessment, The Pilot responds to a series of questions on his/her background and condition. This step takes just 20 second to complete.


Alertness Test

In the third step of Flight Risk Assessment, The pilot takes a quick 30 second alertness test based on psychomotor vigilance task method. This test allows us to measure the pilot's instant alertness and fatigue.


Data Analysis

In the last step of Flight Risk Assessment, Safevix collects data and analyses it, including previous aviation incidents/accidents. It just takes 3-8 seconds.


Risk Score & Mitigation

After the 4-step risk assessment, the pilot receives the risk score between 0 and 100. Also The pilot is able to log mitigation actions.